“I thought that when I retired I would finally be able to get some control of all my years of collected things. Wrong! I felt overwhelmed, hopeless, with no end in site. Linda took my load, jumped right in, and began work. She is awesome! I now have an absolutely beautiful and functional sewing room which I have always wanted, organized closets where I can find things, and an incredible garage with loads of professional storage and functionality. I have a deep appreciation for Linda and her work as well as peace of mind and a joy for living again. Thank you so much Linda!”

“When we were ready to sell our home, the last thing I had on my mind was staging the house for potential buyers. We were already busting at the seams so the project was going to take more time than I had. Linda came over to help and completely reorganized the house, making it warm and inviting! The biggest project was our bedroom closet because it was full of clothes. I was beyond thrilled to see the finished product as she made the closet appealing and spacious. Thanks to her help we sold our home in just a week! I highly recommend Linda Wiggins as she can help with everyday organization…we’ll be contacting her soon for help with our new home!”

Before and After